Welcome to the FDLRS Region 3 Dynamic Display Pagesets Wiki.

We are a group of 40+ Local Assistive Technology Specialists and FDLRS Technology Specialists from an 11 county region in central east Florida. Each year we hold a symposium where work groups create resources for the students, teachers, and therapists we support.

One of our 2008 Symposium work groups focused on creating supports for the dynamic display devices we use with our students. Subsequent work groups have added to the pages created from screen shots of more current software.

Manual Communication Boards: Powerpoint slides were made of the preprogrammed page sets in these devices so we could provide them to students as backup manual communication books and to teachers as reference materials.

Our preferred print setup in Powerpoint was "handouts, 2/page". A few page sets have also been created in Publisher. Some files are so large they had to be divided into sections and can be consolidated once they are downloaded.

Devices included Vantage, SpringBoard, SpringBoard Lite, ChatPC, DynaVox series 4, Palmtop, AltChat and Nova. Page sets for communication apps for the iPad/iTouch have also been created including: Sonoflex, Proloquo2Go, and TouchChat. NEW:Go Talk Now

Teaching supports: Teacher made supports for learning the preprogrammed and custom vocabulary.

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